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Looking at the work of the Holy Spirit through the whole Bible and in the story of our lives.
Jesus prays for his disciples in John 17. Jesus asks a lot from us - but that's exactly why he prays for us each and every day.
What is love? The whole concept of love comes alive when Jesus speaks to his disciples in John's gospel.
Myung Hwa shared today about how we are all grafted in to Jesus, the true vine. A special baptism service
Jesus is our Good Shepherd - he lays down his life for us. We don't have to fear. And we are called to lay down our life for others.
An Easter message - Jesus appearing to the disciples, the road to Emmaeus
Sifa sharing about Jesus' appearance to the disciples after his resurrection. His commission to them, Thomas's doubts, and the meaning of the Gospel.
Myung Hwa sharing about the start of Holy Week. We all processed into church with palm branches, reminding us of Palm Sunday
A message for Lent from John 12:20-33. The cross is the central moment of all history, and as Jesus is lifted up on the cross he draws all people to…
Myung Hwa preaching about the most often quoted Bible verse
Richard Trudgen preaching about the Kingdom of God. Some insights into why Jesus was angry when clearing the temple
Richard Trudgen preaching about the Kingdom of God

All about the Transfiguration of Jesus and who he was as the blessed Son of God

Waiting on God

February 4, 2018
God is the distant all-powerful creator of the universe, and yet he is willing to renew our strength as we wait for him. Isaiah's message to the exiled Israelites is…
Waka preached for the last Sunday that he is here at NUC. A good encouragement to follow Jesus with immediacy, reflecting on the story of Jonah and the calling of…
Nevin shares a message for the new year. Jesus' baptism and how it fits in the overall message of God's plan for humanity
Rev Lee Levett-Olson visiting from Nungalingya College in Darwin questions our understanding of what God's kingship means, and how we therefore act in the world
Andy shares about the Gospel story of the woman with bleeding for 12 years and his reflections on the recent few months he and his family spent working in Galmi…
We don't know why some people are healed and some aren't. But do we have a spark of faith that allows us to be open to God?
Tom Killingbeck is a RAAF chaplain based in Tindal. He shared an Anglican service and spoke from Matthew 13 and Romans 8
A message about taking Jesus at his word - how to have faith without seeing
John 3:16 is such a well known passage about the love of God - and the heart of the Gospel.
A message about the miracle of water turned into wine
We all have things that we are afraid of. Even Jesus had fear that he needed to face. So many times in Scripture we are reminded that we do not…
A monologue - what about the one who had a daughter who was not healed?
What makes Christianity different? And how it it possible that our God is three persons in one? A message for Trinity Sunday.
The story of Pentecost - the coming of the Holy Spirit
A message from Richard Trudgen all about sheep - and the Shepherd. The main reading is John 10:1-10. Sermon notes (with pictures!) available at
A sermon from Kendall Trudgen based on John 20:19-31. Religion and politics - do they ever mix?
A message from NT Anglican Bishop Greg Anderson. Jesus brings "new life" - miraculous, for now, and not just for now. Readings include Ezekiel 37:1-14, Romans 8:6-11, John 11:1-45
A message about the temptation of Jesus - Matthew 4:1-11. Can we stand up against temptation? Jesus himself was made perfect through suffering.
A message from Waka Williams based on Matthew 5:13-20, with discussion about the lectionary and its purpose as well
A sermon from Waka Williams on Luke 14
A message from Rev Bob Smith on the topic of contentment
A sermon on the topic of depression from Rev Bob Smith
A sermon from Andy Peers on Hebrews 11-12
Sermon from Richard Trudgen on Galatians and Luke readings
Sermon from Galatians 2 by Rod Neil